Welcome to the Lordship School PTA Website


Dear Lordship Families,

Welcome back to school! I hope that everyone enjoyed their summer. My name is Jaime Farrell and I am the PTA president this year. I am very fortunate and eager to work together with all of you including our principal, Ms. Murphy and the entire Lordship School staff and faculty.

I am proud to announce our board members for this 2016-2017 school year: Patricia Starkey, Treasurer, Lisbeth Greist, Secretary, Brooke Trasy, Cultural Arts Chair, Patricia Pivarnik, Public Relations Director, Patricia Lynch, Volunteer Coordinator and I along with Dana Yawman are your Fundraiser Co-Chair. Together as a team we are looking forward to volunteering our time to benefit our wonderful school.

The PTA is excited to bring back many of your favorite activities including our curriculum based partnership with the Maritime Aquarium, the Beautification BBQ, the Cultural Pot Luck Dinner, the Family Fall Dance, the Talent Show and Jog-A- Thon just to name a few. In addition to these fun and exciting events we are looking forward to many new and exciting events! Thanks to all your fundraising efforts during the previous school year our 5th & 6th grade class will enjoy attending Nature’s Classroom in November.

img_5351Fundraising is a very important part of why these events are possible. With your support our students are able to enjoy field trips and attend various activities. The PTA is grateful to have such an involved community. Please support us in our first major fundraiser this Fall with the Cristoline Company offering a variety of pies, cakes, cookies and holiday gifts (information soon to follow).

We are so happy to welcome all the new staff members to Lordship and I hope you welcome them along with me whenever you are in the school! We have Annie Giammatte in second grade, Amanda Bielen and Dung (Yoom) Stafford in fifth grade, Andrea Becker in sixth grade, Michael Parrot as our new psychologist, and Brenda Greene as a new additional Reading Consultant. In addition, there was some exciting movement within our current staff, Mrs. D’Amico has moved to third grade and Mrs. Agosto has moved to first grade!

We will continue our efforts in going green by sending pertinent PTA correspondence with the youngest or only child student attending Lordship School. This allows us to save on paper.

Although we have a small school we are proud to have a strong PTA. This would not be possible without your membership. Please consider renewing your PTA membership this year. We also welcome new members. Our goal this year to achieve ALL of the Connecticut State PTSA membership awards that are given out annually: 10% increase in membership (goal reached last year), 100% teacher membership (goal reached last year), 10 outside community members (goal reached last year), Excellence in Communications (goal reach last year), CT PTA Award of Family and Community Involvement (goal reached last year), CT PTA Award of Excellence in Enrichment Programs (goal reached last year), and the most prestigious we striving to achieve this year, Once Voice, One Child award. To achieve this award we would need one member per each child enrolled at our school. I know we can achieve this goal as part of our initiative to have close ties with our community!

Stay informed with our PTA news and announcements on upcoming events and fundraiser information by visiting our website www.lordship-pta.com.

On behalf of our PTA board, I am looking forward to working with all of you for the benefit of our school and most of all our children.

Jaime Farrell
Lordship PTA President