October 13, 2016 PTA Meeting Minutes


I. Call to order

With a quorum present, the meeting was called to order by President Jaime Farrell at 6:36 pm.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

II. Approval of Minutes

Minutes from  the September  meeting were approved, Lia motioned to approve and Dana second the motion 

Ms Murphy stopped and asked if we could go around the room and all introduce ourselves

III. Treasurer’s Report:

  • Patty explained that she needs to talk to a book keeper because the yearbooks expenses fell under our current PTA board expenses
  • Incomes showing from last years dress down days are shown on our budget, again we need to talk to someone to show how to explain that on the budget
  • Membership numbers are high this year
  • Yearbook check just cleared for $1373.73 out of our current budget it was supposed to clear out of last year’s budget, Jen S states that should have never happened, it should have cleared last year.
  • We are trying to have all checks to be deposited the same week we are receiving them this year
  • Bank statements will continue to come monthly at a $2  statement fee, that way we can have other eyes looking over the account as well
  • Went over the checks that cleared from last year, tried to deposit all of the checks we had in our possession even if they were over 90 days or not.  There were a couple that had bounced but the majority went through.
  • We do have a surplus from last year but we will have a special meeting at another time to discuss and go over that
  • Brooke asked about the $5000 for the Cultural arts and it was reiterated it was for the year but with the surplus it might have more money go towards it
  • Trish asked with more kids will there be more money disbursed for the different budgets and it was stated on a need to need bases
  • Patty brought up about having $4000 in the accounts to fall back and Amy mentioned to talk to the State because with more kids in the school there is some ratio that there should more of a back up amount of money to fall back on.

IV. Student Council Report

  • Mrs. Cavalli and Mrs. Hines do it together and looking to possibly move meetings to after school on Tuesdays when there is a late bus.
    • there would need to be ten kids who already take the bus signed up to be able to get a late bus provided
  • the kids are right in the middle of campaign season
  • next thursday is speeches
  • friday is elections
  • student council helps the PTA a lot, it is a lot fun but also a lot of work
  • Monday is classroom rep speeches, they want to have  no hurt feelings

V. Principal’s Report

  • Thanks to everyone for a smooth start to the school year
  • Thank you to the PTA for the teachers back to school luncheon
  • Good turnout for open house with  64 percent of the families present
  • Thank you for a great book fair and BBQ, they were both very successful events and a lot of new faces were there
  • We are working with a new attendance grant which is working on attendance and tardinance with three other schools.  The grant is about out reaching to families, talking with families and  talking about how important it is to be on time to school and to be at school each and every day.
  • working on afterschool programing, including professor egghead, using some title one funds they were able to get the cost down.
    • A question was asked why were kids turned away, Ms Murphy responded that they were supposed to have about 30 and they are at  32-33 kids
  • Looking into chess club for the older kids for a little later in the year
  • trying to get more grants, to lower the fees for the kids
  • For the after school activities late busses can only be provided to those students who are already bussers and their needs to be a minimum of 10 kids.
  • Kim Cody, Robyn Todesco and Matt Demone are our math coaches in the building and are very hands on.  There was a little confusion between math coaches and math tutors so Mrs. Cavalli explained that the Math coaches also help coach the teachers as well as work with the students and the tutors work with the students doing pullouts and groups as well.
  • There is a Fire lock down and stay put committee, on the committee are some parents/ teachers/ Ms. Papin/ Mr. Charlie and next Friday there will  be a lockdown  and the committee as well as some Stratford Police Officers will walk the building with Ms. Murphy to ensure safety protocols are being ensured
  • Parent SEE is starting to accept new enrollment
    • Ms Murphy asked who in the room went through the program and Lisbeth and Patty Sarkey both had.
  • Mr. Oddo and Mr. Parrott have both resigned for various reasons, Ms. Murphy wished them the best
  • Went over upcoming dates that can be found on the School website or the calendar
  • November 1 Dupont FUN day for the whole school
    • Ms Murphy replied with only last years parents from Mrs. Pucci’s class, since it was Mrs. Pucci’s kids from last year that won it.  They are sharing it with the whole school, but if all the parents come there will not be enough room for everyone
    • Leticia asked if parents can attend
  • Grade 2’s trip to the maritime is coming up
  • New website is www.lordship-pta.com thank you to Mario for doing that for us
  • 4 report cards this year, there will be no progress reports

VI. Presidents Report:

  • Jaime thanked everyone for coming
  • We still need chairs and co chairs for the different committees
  • We have a grant and building committee
  • The Two Roads event is tomorrow, tickets will be sold at the door and Joey C’s will be donating all the food.
    • Lisbeth mentioned for those that do not drink beer there will be wine provided as well that was donated from places around Stratford and Milford
  • The clothing drive is Saturday from 9-12
    • Trish mentioned there has not been many volunteers for this event so feel free to show up and help out for this event
    • we need 200 garbage bags since they are coming from NJ
    • We talked about doing Savers next time since they are closer
    • Also, talked about leaving stuff in the APR but since the school is not open we would not be able to access it.  PODS are too expensive, but possibly using Jaimes school as a drop off area or Lisbeth mentioned using her shed to use as a storing area as well
    • put kids name down and maybe do scholarships at end of year for helping out and donating their time
  • Jaime thanked  Mario for the  website
  • We are able to upload pictures to it if they are  approved
  • We have a twitter page that is linked to the webpage (twitter.com/lordshippta)
  • Jaime reiterated that the PTA board is open to suggestions and to just bring them to the boards attention

VII. Committee Reports:

    • We are currently at 100% teacher/staff participation
    • We have 189 members in total with 51 of those being from the community
    • We are trying for one voice for every child award meaning we need 273 members, one member for every child in the school, which we could do knowing we can get members at election day this year
  •  Membership
    • This brought our total Scholastic Dollars to $2610.83
    • In total the teachers received all the books in their baskets and they will also receive Scholastic Dollars averaging over $100 per teacher which came to $1838.50
    • Scholastic Book Fair had $4752.75 total sales for in school and online
    • Lordship PTA takes all sales in Scholastic dollars so we got 50% of sales in the form of Scholastic Dollars, which was $2376.38
    • We also earned a 10% bonus and awards for exceeding the previous year’s sales in the amount of $234.45
    • Lordship School Library will receive in Scholastic Dollars around $672.33 minus the shipping cost which is about a total of $100, brining us to $2610.83 being spent by the teachers and Ms Anderson combined leaving the Scholastic account at $0.
  • Book Fair
  • Yearbooks
    • people asked about more pages, Jen said more pages are fine, but the cost will go up if there are more pages
    • going on sale soon
    • need more pictures for the yearbook
    • please upload them
    • if you buy early you get them at a discounted rate, if you wait the price goes up
  • Beautification BBQ
    • Thanks to everyone for coming out
    • There was about 25-30 families that came out
    • $126 was spent
    • The school was power washed
    • 8 yards of mulch was delivered from Grillo
    • possibly put benches in the back part of the school around the tree pergola out back near the kindergarten pick up area also spray paint the swing set, was talked about for the Spring BBQ
      • Talking to Mrs. Hines about how to go about looking into getting the Lowe’s grant was also brought up
  • Nature’s Classroom
    • Will take place from November 9-11
    • Three busses will be taken
      • Two busses for the kids and one for the luggage
    • all but 10 students are going and they are trying to get those last kids to go
    • The money owed was brought down from $250 to $170
    • October 19th there is a parents meeting for those going
    • Several staff members going including Ms Murphy
      • Working on coverage from Central Office to cover Lordship School while she is out of the building
      • Questions brought up why we do not have an assistant Principal, especially since only have 14 students less than Franklin and they have a part time one
  • Cristoline
    • came a little under budget, but the pies usually make more of the money
      • A question was brought up about why were the Cristoline fundraisers done separately this year and it was brought up that in the past, when separated they did better at bringing in more money
  • Fall Dance
    • Getting Pizza donated from local businesses to make more money
    • Using a different DJ this year than last year to try and save on the DJ cost
    • We need chaperones to make sure there is no running around in the dark and that the kids are staying in the gym and not all over the school
    • Pizza needs to be served out of the kitchen because of the health department regulations
    • Not a drop off event, students must be supervised
  • Election Day Bake Sale/Raffle
    • Going to add an arts and craft basket as well as a gift wrap basket
    • Gift card and lottery tree baskets will be done as well
    • A lot of bakers are needed for election day with a reminder that everything needs to be nut free
    • Also need people to cover shifts throughout the day as election day is a long day
  • Bingo
    • Just Bingo this year, no pasta night
    • Kate will chair bingo this year, but she wants a co chair
    • It is starting at 6 this year
    • Jenn S will set up
    • Our permit is good for the fall but we need to renew for the spring
  • Cultural arts assembly
    • then there will be a sign up for a six week session for after school  between $15-$20 that we get to keep which will be limited to 40 kids
    • Hwang’s in January during the day doing a demo
  • Cultural arts day, we lost the grant, they want $4000.  Everyone in the room seemed to agree that was a lot of money even though the program for the day was really worth it.  People suggested to Brooke to see if we can get it from $4000 to $2000 instead
    • Mrs. Cavalli said she really thought it was worth it as did Mrs. Pillo and Ms Murphy.
    • Lisbeth who stated was not really artsy said after Brooke explained it, it sounded great but it was a lot of money
    • Liz wanted to see if Brooke could come back to the table with three other options to spend the money on
  • Golf outing
    • People brought up that it is Stratford day, but since Golf outing is during the morning, others said you can enjoy Stratford Day once you are done Golfing
    • Trying for June 3rd
  • Open for discussion
    • Leticia asked about 6th grade picnic and who she works with? She works with Jenn S and the money comes from PTA, they plan together.
    • Tricia brought up the point maybe to have a head person maybe suggesting Jenn S
    • That is one of the reasons why we want a chair and a co chair for everything to be able to shadow so there is hopefully never an event left that someone does not know how to run
    • Kathy Vaas offered her services of a 6th grade graduation present to the outgoing class of a movie approximately 10 minutes of the kids lives together throughout the years to the point of graduation

VIII. Meeting Adjournment

8:26    Adjournment- Thank you all for coming.  Have a great night!

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